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Here's a better way

Foxfly is a quality regular visor that can instantly be turned into a highly effective defence against bush flies. The key to this innovative new product is a tailored cotton flynet that is sewn into the headband’s lining from which it is easily released through an invisible zip. And, of course, zipped back in when no longer needed.

Foxfly is easy to use and extremely comfortable, not hot and airless like fine mesh beekeeper-style nets. It also makes a great Aussie travel memento. And, yes, we leave it to you to decide which is the more stylish.

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You don’t have to look like this
to be fly-free in the Aussie Outback

Wherever you travel in Australia, you’re almost
certain to encounter the incredibly annoying
Aussie bush fly.

Not one or two, but thousands …
all totally resistant to chemical repellants, and
all waiting toget in your face because that’s
where bush flies find what they desperately
need to breed: protein-rich moisture around
your eyes, nose and mouth. They make life
hell for tourists like the young couple below.


Fly Fact: The Great Australian Salute is all about those small, in-your-face bush flies, not blowies or mozzies.