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Fly protection at your fingertips ... any time

Australian-designed Foxfly products offer a unique solution to the seasonal bush fly problem.
The key to Foxfly is simple: Our flynet works in much the same way as that iconic and amazingly effective Aussie cork hat.
And it’s just as comfortable!
That’s because Foxfly’s large mesh flynet is cool and airy – unlike those hot and airless mosquito veils.

The Foxfly Visor, with its unique retractable flynet, is now available online. As is our new innovation, the Foxfly HelmetNet, which makes horse riding a fly-free experience.
But it doesn’t stop there. Some people use the HelmetNet with hats and caps. In fact, even hard hats.

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All Foxfly products are covered by Innovation Patent 2009100116 and Australian Patent App. No. 2009200456
Fly Fact: The Great Australian Salute is all about those small, in-your-face bush flies, not blowies or mozzies.